Photograph by: Allie Barnes 


BFA in Photography, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2012


MADE Gallery. Columbus, Ohio, 2015.

American Odyssey, One Eyed Jacks Gallery, Brighton, England, 2014

Pancea, MUA, Oakland, California, 2013

BFA Thesis, Selby Gallery, Sarasota, Florida, 2012

Good River, Engelwood Arts Center, Engelwood, Florida, 2012

Best of Ringling, Sarasota, Florida, 2011-2012

I Like Your Face, Los Angeles, California, 2011

Best of the Breast Show, New York City, 2011


Impromptu Documentary, Aesthetica Magazine

Self-ie, Aint-Bad Magazine

Delta Blues, Oxford American

Aint Bad Magazine, The American South

One to Watch: Ari Gabel, American Photo Magazine

Mossless Issue 3: The United States 2003-2013

Tired of Being Tired, This Paper

Hotshoe International, American Odyssey Interview

Remnants of the Mississippi Blues, Feature Shoot

Bit by Zeus, Pancea

About Me

Ari Gabel is a working photographer whose main concentration deals with the documentation of the vanishing faces and stories held within countless individuals across the American landscape. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Ari Gabel nurtured the ability and importance of photography into a lifelong passion of his, which came to fruition during his four years at the Ringling College of Art and Design. His work is both a balance of research and shear instinct, allowing him to explore the environment around him and establish a common understanding of the land. His use of analog cameras is not due to the rarity of it's existence in modern times, but for the quality it posses and the personable connection it creates with the subject.


Ari Gabel is a freelance photographer and retoucher based in Columbus, OH and is available for assignment.